Third Day Community Garden at The Sanctuary Church


While the garden is not understood to be a work of people of any particular faith, or any faith for that matter, it was originated by three faith communities with a shared faith story. That story begins, fittingly enough, in a garden. The third day was the day, according to the story, when all things which grow from seeds were created. Later in the story, the third day became the day of resurrection. All three congregations understand resurrection to be more than a “pie-in-the-sky” idea, but a work of re-creation here, now, in the real world. Part of our plan for re-creating community in a divided world, re-creating nutrition in a fast-food world, and re-creating nourishment in world where some go hungry is The Third Day Community Garden.

Location2614 Exposition Blvd., 78703



English Contact: Barbara Botts –

Spanish Contact: Position not yet filled.

Garden Membership: Open to general public.

Status: Unknown, please contact garden.

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