Sunfield Community Garden


Sunfield Community Garden was created by the developers of the new Sunfield community as an amenity in their activity center in May of 2011. The garden attracts many people to the new community. Many Sunfield homeowners have cited the garden as a major reason for purchasing a home in the neighborhood. More than 10% of the homeowners at Sunfield are renting plots in the garden. The excess food is donated to local food pantries. The garden includes a fig orchard, pear orchard and communal herb beds. Plans are in place for a xeric landscape around the garden to encourage wildlife and beneficial insects. There is a communal compost pile. The garden is peaceful, productive and gorgeous. It gives new homeowners an opportunity to meet their neighbors.

Location1328 Sunbright Blvd., 78610



English Contact: Jorge Gil

Spanish Contact: Jorge Gil

Garden Membership: Open to residents of the Sunfield community.

Status: Unknown, please contact garden.

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