South Austin Community Garden

South Austin CG

The South Austin Community Garden (SACG) was founded in January 1994 by Renee Fuqua and is made up of gardeners from diverse backgrounds who share the common philosophy of organic gardening. Originally on land owned by the Salvation Army the land was purchased by a developer. Luckily the Denizen saw the value of a community green space and have continued the south Austin tradition by providing a location for the community garden to continue. The SACG is a collection of 40+ individual plots with an orchard, rainwater cisterns, and houses for birds and beneficial insects. Members get hands-on experience with organic gardening in the local environment, share information, harvest delicious vegetables, and enjoy each other’s company. The garden is organic with a focus on building healthy soil and learning to garden in harmony with the environment.

Location: 2800 S. 5th St., 78704



English Contact: Plot Coordinator,

Spanish Contact: Position not yet filled.

Garden Membership: Open to general public.

Status: Full. Waitlist Available.

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