$500 Grant Opportunity for Community Gardens in Austin for Pollinator-Friendly Garden Projects – Must be member of ACGA

American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) is partnering with Buzz and Bloom Honey to offer a $500 grant opportunity for Austin community gardens adding pollinator-friendly elements to their garden. Deadline for applications: Monday, August 21st at midnight. Must be an ACGA member to apply.
Funding must be used for:
• Pollinator-friendly garden plants of fruit trees
• Gardens within 25 miles from a location where Buzz and Bloom Honey is sold (includes Whole Foods locations)
*To be eligible to apply, your garden must be an Organization-level member of ACGA. Join ACGA here: https://communitygarden.org/membership/.

How to apply:

Email answers to questions below to ACGA Board Member Bill Maynard at wmaynard@cityofsacramento.org. Use the subject line, “Honey Grant”. Feel free to also reach out to Bill with questions about the application.

Garden Info:

Name of the Garden:
Address of the Garden:
Contact Name:
Contact Address:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:


  1. Does your garden have an ACGA membership (required to apply)?
  2. Tell us a few specifics about your garden.
  3. Is your garden a non-profit or fiscally sponsored by a non-profit agency? Note that grant check must be written to organizations, not individuals.
  4. When was your garden created?
  5. What is the number of plots?
  6. What is the number of gardeners?
  7. Tell us about the community involved in your garden.
  8. What makes your garden special?
  9. How is your garden sustained?
  10. Has your garden suffered any hardships or setbacks?
  11. Do you have room to plant fruit trees?
  12. What would you do with the money?

Photo submission:

Send three photos of your garden. Photos should show as much of the garden as possible and also include gardeners,  if possible. Please attach photos when submitting the grant application.

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