Act NOW – Tell the City of Austin to Support Community Gardens

After more than 2 years of advocacy work by the Coalition of Austin Community Gardens and Sustainable Food Center, the City of Austin is about to make it easier for community gardens to proliferate and thrive in this city–let’s show them we support this move!

The City will hire a Conservation Program Coordinator (and Administrative Assistant) who will be responsible for making it easier to start community gardens on City land in Austin, and who will work to improve the sustainability and strength of our local food system. Let’s let City staff and Council Members know that we strongly support the creation of the Conservation Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant positions, and we’d like to see them filled as soon as possible.

City Council will also vote THIS THURSDAY, February 10th on whether to pass ordinances to substantially improve the way the City manages community gardens and to make it easier and more affordable for community gardens on City and private land to install water infrastructure at their gardens. Let’s let our Council Members know how important it is to us that they pass this amendment!

**Please Note**: We encourage folks to attend the Council meeting on Thursday the 10th. Please understand that these items are currently on the consent agenda, meaning they are on the fast track to being approved at the meeting.  If two or more individuals sign up to speak on a consent agenda item, the item gets pulled from the consent agenda and goes into the general meeting. This means items will be up for general discussion along with a list of many others, and items could get pushed off of Thursday’s agenda if discussions on previous items run long. Thanks for your support!

***Sample text for email***,,,,,,,,,

Subject: Support Community Gardens

To City Council Members and Staff,

Community gardens are essential components of a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable city. I strongly support the hiring of a full-time Conservation Program Coordinator and part-time administrative assistant to support the proliferation and sustainability of community gardens and other urban agriculture in Austin. I also wholeheartedly support the passing of the City Council ordinances relating to community gardening and other urban agriculture that are on the Council agenda for review Thursday, February 10th. Thank you for all that City Council and staff has done in support of community gardens in Austin leading up to now!

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