CACG Goals & Strategies

Coalition of Austin Community Gardens

Goals & Strategies

Session Objective: Create a plan of action to: 1) identify and mobilize City resources; and, 2)  strengthen policy initiatives for community gardens in Austin.






Revitalize and expand existing and establish new gardens in the Austin community.

1. Review existing research and conduct feasibility study for land resources.

2. Identify and contact neighborhood associations.

3. Outreach to stagnant gardens.

1. Inventory existing CGs, and possible garden sites, potential partners.

1. Estimate cost of starting a new community garden.

2. Outreach to those interested in starting a community garden.

1. Create (at least 3) new gardens within next year. (do we need to identify areas to target?)

2. Mobilize community support to create a victory garden. (who? how? logistics?)


Establish and maintain a working relationship with city government to leverage resources.

1. Identify city leadership and familiarize ourselves with the process.

2. Research the issues and develop concrete requests.

3. Identify pre-existing opportunities.

1a. Revise Letter of Resolution

2. Schedule meeting with Council members (Present Letter of Resolution, PARD agreement, Rules/contract, Brochure)

3. PARD consent to Rules and Contract

1. Create educational process (campaign?) for policy makers about importance of community gardens.


Establish a communication network between gardeners.



1. Establish an electronic communication mechanism.

2. Create a repository for best practices.

3. Formalize the communication network (e.g. coalition, association, etc.)

1. Create internal and external listserv

2. Populate website

1. Create step by step guide on how to create a community garden.

1. Establish ambassador program to help other groups start CGs.

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